píilept, Four: Tai Simpson

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    píilept, Four: Tai Simpson Quantum Theory

Co-hosts Kellen and Mikailah are joined by Black niimíipuu powerhouse, Tai Simpson. They also discuss Juneteenth and the signing of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law. From Whoopi Goldberg to York of The Corps of Discovery, these two hosts media-reference their way through a fun conversation on current issues. niimíipuutimt, Nez Perce Language Word(s) of the Day are: cámok, black; cacmóoxcacmox titóoqan, Black people (Nez Perce Dictionary, pg. 5); cicámox, black one (Nez Perce Dictionary, pg. 20). cimúuk, to be black; cimúuxcimux titóoqan, a Black person (Nez Perce Dictionary, pg. 38).

Shout out to Izzy for the music on our show. You can check him out on Instagram: @___izzy._


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