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Hosts Kellen and Mikailah welcome you to Quantum Theory. Listen in as we Black niimíipuu (Nez Perce) people come together to share our personal experiences of being biracial. Blood Quantum and the One Drop Rule were designed to directly affect our specific condition in society, so each conversation on this podcast is dedicated to amplifying the Black Indigenous voice. Join us as we discuss current events, history, entertainment, business, culture, and becoming agents of change in our community.


Mikailah is a proud Black and Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) tribal member who holds a degree in Business & Communication with minors in Nez Perce Language, Marketing, and Leadership.

As an entrepreneur and founder of Beadwork by Mikailah LLC, she has experience in community organizing, event planning, establishing and co-founding online clothing brands, marketing, and more.

What drives Mikailah’s work ethic is her determination to make a difference for her people. She has no plans of stopping to achieve her goal of opening new doors and breaking barriers needed to create change, opportunity, and equality for people of color.


Kellen Trenal (pronounced like “Chanel”) is a visual artist, performer, small business owner, alumnus of the University of Notre Dame, and holistic wellness enthusiast, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Being both Black American and niimíipuu, Nez Perce, Kellen embraces his multiple identities to empower his work in all its manifestations.

He shares his (he)artwork through Trenal Original, a traditional-arts based, QBIPOC-owned, small business. Each piece is a custom creation aimed at increasing visibility for historically excluded communities: a Trenal Original.

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